Okays... well i got the Bugera 6262-212 combo about a good 5-6 months ago now, its worked great and ive had no problems with it untill today.

At band prac i turned it on to standby for a minute as usuall then on properly.. all the lights for the power, standby and channel buttons were lit up. But... after turning the volume up i realized there was no sound atall..on both channels, then realized none of the tubes were lit up... I tryed messing with the settings and everything.. turning it off and back on but nothing... not even a hiss just silence.

Im assuming at the moment that this is a tube problem since theres clearly power as the lights on the amp and the footswitch light up...

Any ideas whats wrong?
this isn't the first time i've heard this happen with this amp, do you have some type of warranty on it?
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