Sadly i can't tune my guitar to drop C by ear.

I can tune my guitar to drop C usually but i use my Vypyr on board tuner and i'm not going to have this in school (where im gna have to tune my guitar)

I've got one of those.

What methods can i use? Searching/lurking didn't work for me.
tune it before you leave
because i dont think that they have c on those tuners
do you have a laptop?
Tune to drop D. Then tune your guitar down like you were tuning to standard, using the fifth frets and 4th for B string. Then tune your already drop-tuned guitar like you were tuning it to drop D. Not too difficult i think.
you could just pick up a Korg tuner at a local music store, or off of Musician's Friend for about $20. also, why would you need to be tuning to Drop C for school?
Hey, with the look of that tuner I am guessing it does not have a C.
You are going to have to use 1 of 3 methods;
Learn to tune by ear.
buy a new tuner
use an online tuner
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play bass
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