I have been playing about 3 months now, and I don't really seem to be getting better. I am having the same problems moving between chords I had when I started out, it's just that now I can finger them slightly better. I still need to look at most of the strings to be able to finger them, which means I move between notes very slowly. Some of the practice tracks I have are just really simple things like C C C C D D D D G G G G C, but I can't move between them fast enough. I can't play anything in rhythm, and if I try to strum upwards instead of down I either lose the pick from my fingers or miss some of the strings.

Other areas it seems like I am improving. I am getting better at barre chords and I can play more up the neck without missing a note. I can go longer without my fingers hurting, and I have a better feel for holding the guitar.

It just seems like I am not getting better, and even though I still practice a lot and try to improve nothing is coming of it. If I were in lessons, I feel like I would be going to my instructor every week and not really getting ahead, we'd just be reviewing every single week. Am I losing my mind or do other people have these problems when they start out also?
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just take your time and take in as much as you can
you will get there
I know how you feel. Just keep practicing. You'll get better over time so don't worry about it if you don't start seeing improvements right away.
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Going to a teacher for help isn't a bad thing, you shouldn't feel ashamed. I've ben playing 5 years and I still ask my teachers how they would approach things or give me input on what I can fix.
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From reading your post I got the feeling that you are self taught. I would really recommend getting a teacher, it will make a huge difference. Teachers are full of advice and tiny hints that could help you overcome your obstacle. As for my advice, take the chords that you are working on and just do them once and then move on
C D G C D G and so on. Do this only as fast as it is comfortable for you and then gradually build up speed. This should help with your transitions.

I would defiantly recommend a teacher though and most important, keep going.
You just started so you don't have the finger strength keep practicing.
Go out and get a teach yourself guitar books, I recommend Guitar for Dummies lots of good info and exercises.
I remember for me, as an absolute n00b, chord changes were painful, slow, and I missed the fingering pattern a lot, even slowly.

The sucky thing about getting better is that it takes lots of two things: practice, and heroin, uh... I mean time. (hahaha). People progress at different rates. Just keep practicing and one day you'll be playing some wicked chord progressions, realize that you just did all those chord changes seamlessly, then try this song again and do it perfectly.
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Insert cliche' answer here: Practice. You will make a huge leap in ability in a month or two. The important part is to practice, be consistent, and pick the guitar up every day. Things will seem very boring and redundant right now, but when you get over that hill and are able to play your first riff or change chords fluently for the first time, it is a great feeling.

You may not see the light right now, but one day it will hit you out of the blue and you will be able to do what you have been practicing thus far.
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The first 6 months or so WILL be painfully awkward and slow, that's just how it is. It takes a while for your hands to get used to the guitar, all of a sudden things will click and it'll start to feel like it's suppsoed to be there, but until that happens you just have to stick it out.
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Hey there!
I'm a fairly new player myself (~4 months).
One advice is to spice up your playing, that'll definitely show how much you progress.

I was just playing chords over and over as well for a few weeks on end. It wasn't very rewarding nor exciting.
Try opening up with some chords for like 5-10 minutes, then jam a bit. I've had people on here tell me that jamming is useless if you don't know theory.....plain nonsense, that is.
Problem is that you have to get to know your guitar before you can play some decent tunes.
That's really something that I still keep getting better at: Finding new licks and combining them with old ones. It's always awesome when you sit down, just do some seemingly random stuff only to realise....hey, there's no way I could have done this 1 month ago.

Most of all: Don't give up!
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CGD Hmmmm And you do mix that with EAD? GCF? Some combinations work easier than others. The guitar was designed to be not too hard to play (unlike a PC keyboard that was designed to slow you down)
I found playing along to songs developed my speed with changes better than anything and also taught me about timing. That you don't wait for the beat and try to do an instant change. You work out when you can start the change in time for when the song needs it. Take a song like Substitute (The Who) and listen to what Townshend is doing during that awful long time on Em. He's preparing the A almost a bar in advance so he could do the famous windmill.
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