I've been playing for about 6 years now, I consider myself an intermediate player. My biggest issue is playing lead or legato and keeping it clean without any other string ringing. It's something I've yet to over come and it's such a basic thing.

So I'm asking if anyone has any tips to help, maybe a video to suggest or a link to an article on this issue. I'm like everyone else, just wanting to sound the best I can.

Thanks a lot in advanced.

only way, is to mute it with ur palm , or practice slow and stop the ringing then build up speed... or use other fingers to block the ringing string..
alot of people consider it "cheating" but alot of the greats do it. put a sweat band or somethin on the top around it, and it will absorb any sound. just cant do pulloff's to open strings.
I've been playing for 8 months and I have been contantly practicing to work around that problem as well, like in one section of Neverender - Coheed and Cambria:


where it is particularly difficult to play those power chords and not hit the other strings, unless you downstroke, then somehow mute them while seemlessly transitioning to pinch harmonics on the 2nd string and back into the power chords.

My advice: you'll have to make doing all sorts of crazy muting with your fretting hand become second nature. ie automatically bringing the thumb up to mute the E and sometimes A string, laying the index finger across the top strings for muting in power chords, and letting the tips of fingers just barely touch the string behind or in front of the string they are fretting, as well as many other techniques for left hand muting. For arpeggios, you might have to use all of these and more if you want to play each individual note without the other notes ringing, as well as combinations of the above.
Also, being able to quickly mute with with the picking hand is good for stopping all the strings at once.

I'd say lots of practice is a good thing too :P. Sorry if this doesn't help.
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Mute the lower strings (towards the ground) with the fat of your index and mute the higher string (above the strings you're playing) with the tip of your index.