Hi. I'm new here, so please bear with me. I just bought a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with the Floyd Rose, and I was wondering that even though I'm pretty sure I have it all properly adjusted (bridge is parallel to the body, springs have even tension, intonation is adjusted correctly,etc.), my trem doesn't bend all the strings by the same pitch. For example, when I do divebombs, I can get the bass strings pretty low, but my high e-string and to an extent my b-string won't go down much at all. There is a difference, but it's not nearly as large as I'd want it to be. Is this something I have to live with, or is there something I can do so that the trem raises/lower the pitch evenly throughout all the strings?

As an afterthought, while we're on the topic of trems, will using 2 springs make the Floyd Rose too sensitive that I can't palm mute with 10 gauge strings? I'm currently using 3 with the l l l spring configuration and fluttering isn't as easy as it was on my friend's Jackson.
you just bought it ?
then go back to the shop you bought it from
because they probbably know the most about the guitar
sorry thats the only advice i can give you
I wasn't aware that a Floyd was supposed to bend them all equally down and stay in tune with each string >_>

This coming from someone who has played maybe two Floyd's and likes hardtail/string-thru guitars.
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Quote by satcre3
you just bought it ?
then go back to the shop you bought it from
because they probbably know the most about the guitar
sorry thats the only advice i can give you

I bought it used off a friend that wanted to sell it to buy a Jackson. He said it didn't have any problems and I believed him. I could take it to a shop, but A. I don't have a car and B. The closest music store that I know of is a good 22 miles away.


the same way you won't get the same tuning increase if you rotate all your tuners once, you won't get the same increase in pitch across all your strings if you pull up on the floyd.
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yeh, they dont do that, the two strings that go the most are the G string and the low E string, pretty sure.
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When you dive bomb with a Floyd it does that, its normal. Actually any trem does that really except the Steinberger TransTrem which is designed like that. You can actually strum a C chord for example and move the trem up or down and get different chords. You can also play in different tunings by pitching up or down on the trem arm and locking it. Pretty cool, but pricey. I think they're around $900 for the bridge alone.

Here's a cool demo from a guy I've bought a guitar from....
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