Hi guys, plan on going busking abit in town, as im bored of seeing countless accordion buskers and annoying bastards playing wonderwall. So i decided i might try something different and take the ipod with some tracks on and have a bit play through the micro cube.

Just need some ideas what to jam / play.

I've a few really good backing tracks which vary it up between modes / moods and feel which i wouldnt mind playing over.

Im not too sure about songs though.

So far i've only got slow dancing in a burning room (john mayer) backing track, which is nice to improv over, some satriani songs and little wing.

Obviously along the lines of rock / blues etc, no cannibal corpse!

Any suggestions or experiences?

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Rude mood by SRV

Boom Boom Boom Boom by john lee hooker

Sunshine of your love + improv
Ahh yeah rude mood! Will defiantly do that.
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Riff Raff by AC/DC. I played that acoustic for a few of my friends before, they loved it.
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Smoke on the water, that´ll really blow people away.

Iron man and Stairway to heaven too.
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lost without you - john petrucci (or something else by him if you can handle it)
the jester's dance - in flames (its not too heavy and its an easy song)
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Check out the laws in your town. You may need a permit if you're going to use an amp; busking laws vary from city to city, but I do believe you need a permit if you make over a certain level of noise.
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