I dunno if at all this is possible and more than likely it isn't because iv never seen it done before, but say if theres an input jack on a keyboard in theory could i run my guitar through that and then run the keyboard into the PA and use the keyboard as like an amp i suppose.

I dunno just an idea, its nothing id use for serious playing just thought i might be able to make some really weird funny keyboard-esque tones hahaha.

Im gonna try it at school tmro cause the keyboards have a very nintendo-esque setting haha so if i remember i'll tell you guys if it worked.
thats isnt theory,its just stupidity

maybe if you could put the keyboard on bypass?
it should work then
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What is it you plan on doing? Using the keyboard as a preamp, or using it to alter your guitar sound?
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I don't know of any keyboards that have input jacks.

Same... are you SURE it's not output?
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You could run your guitar through a POG or something, but a keyboard with input? huh?
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