Okay could some one give me a direct link to where I could buy an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Goldtop that is udner $900? I've looked aroudn but I can't find any sellers.
That's mainly because they were discontinued. You'll have to keep an eye out for them on ebay and craigslist.

I think 50 bucks more probably won't kill you:

...or you just try bidding for it and hope you'll get it.

By the way, if you tell us what music you play and what amp you have we can suggest other stuff, too.
As you're no doubt aware, since they're now discontinued, used is all you'll be able to find!
When I bought mine ('57 Gold Top) I liked it so much and had a funny feeling the line was too much of a threat to Gibson sales that I quickly bought a second Elitist (LP PLus).
Problem is most people will most likely keep theirs knowing they can't be replaced so you'll have to look long & hard to get one!
Moving on.....
I just checked the link to EBay and two things look out of place compared to mine....
1) The Epiphone Logo should be Abalone and the one shown doesn't appear to be...
2) The Truss Rod cover on Elitists say "Gibson" not "Elitist". There is a logo under the finish on the back of the headstock that says Elitist (see my Profile and Pics for a sample)
I don't know if the Elitists changed later but I bought mine in 04 and this one seems sketchy!
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Well, for those styles, the Elitist LP is a good choice I figure. However, don't limit yourself to the Goldtop. There's an Elitist with Dimarzio pups on ebay right now for 850, so you'd save some cash if you bought it instead of the Goldtop. However, if you really want a Goldtop, it's your choice.

Keep an eye out for used Gibson SG Standards, too and see if you can try a Gibson BFG Les Paul somewhere. They are under 1000$ if I remember correctly (at least they're just 900€ or something in Europe) and the one I tried sounded great. But Gibson's quality control is a bit iffy on the lower end models, so only buy one you can try beforehand.
@KenG: I don't know, man. There's several Epi Elitists on ebay right now and none of them seems to have an abalone logo. The truss rod covers seem to vary, too, because on another one it just says "Standard". I'd not wonder if there are several versions, it's the same with non-Elitist Epis.
Not to say the ts shouldn't be cautious, but to me, this seems legit. :/
You could be right and the design may have varied a little over the years! I'd still ask the Ebayer for the serial No and maybe a shot of the back of the headstock to ensure the Elitist Logo is there (as far as I know this logo has never changed and is the reason why you don't need a truss rod cover that says Elitist too). Can't be too careful these days with counterfits and such about.
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