i found a peavey xxx head with a 5150 cabinet for $450.
i'm assuming i should try and jump on it because the heads alone go for around $500+ used.

can anybody tell me what's good and bad about the xxx
in specific can you compare it to the 5150 head, in terms of gain, cleans, brightness, overall what sounds better, etc.

XXX is great. alot of gain for sure.
It can do more than a 5150 imo. (unless all you play is metal)
XXX is a cool head if you like it's tones. The 5150 cab is meh... you can find them for 250 all the time and will do well to have a speaker change. I'd say get it, if you don't like the cab sell it for something like 250 and you'll still have a great deal.
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Thats a pretty good deal man I say go for it.. It has enough gain to keep up with a 5150 but its gonna be a much smoother type of gain not as raw sounding. Which isnt a bad thing by any means. The biggest benefit is the versatility of it over a 5150. You get three seperate channels and a usable clean tone.