So... my birthday is near and maybe im getting some money from my dad so i was thinking in getting a new amp (I have a Roland Microcube) and maybe some pedals if i have money left. I was checking the laney website and 2 amps got my attention the LV200 and the LC30 but the one that interesed me the mot was the LC30 so I have a few questions about it:

Since Laney´s site says it is Pure Class A Amp that means that i dont need to have the tubes biased??

Also: Anyone here in Ug owns this amp?? Would you recomend it?

Im a noob when it comes to tube amps so what special care would you recomend me to take of the amp???

I play Hard rock,some blues,some chords or clean stuff and old school metal like Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden
And my budget is probably going to be $1500 US
Maybe little gigs and my bedroom practice
Thanks for your help
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