Hai guyz

Just finished writing a song , amongst others, this is one of my best I have written really. It will be also my bands song too

So, I guess, C4C.

Cheers in advance.
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Wow, gotta say, thats one damn good song.

I may even go so far to say that listening to that just inspired me to write **** for my band that isnt so plain and full of *chugga chugga* ****.

Cause that was pretty damn awesome.
The verse reminded me of Arch Enemy's "Nemesis"

After that, it was pretty cool. Sounded a lot like late At the Gates mixed with Arch Enemy' first two. Good, had a very good vibe about it. The Bridge sounded very late Carcass-y/early Arch Enemy(y?). I can only guess you're influenced by Michael Ammott and Bill Steer? The solo was okay, but lacked any melodic flair/motif that could've made it longer and MUCH better. Something like the outro perhaps, but obviously different and in the solo Not diggin' the acoustics though.


Good melodeath.

My song is "The Glen", the dark ambient piece a few threads down from you.
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I'm sick and it's my nose running, but I feel like i could cry after hearing that.

Great song.
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