Hey guys
Few mistakes here and there, but it was really just me testing my new pickup
Some sections couldnt be play cause i dont have 24 frets on this ibanez

dude that was friggin sweet!!!!

if you want to hear a critique, (even we all know you dont need one), just to add to your playing i could suggest a few more things you could have improved on this cover:

- very little bends you did were a bit mistaked (ofcourse because were all human )
- omg.. guess thats all you could improve! this was perfect.. cant believe you have like 0 comments youre amazing

hey speaking about john petrucci, i recently recorded a cover of him too!!


please critique mine too if you want, maybe we both could learn something more from each other =D !
hey mate thanks for the reply,
ive check out your fatal tragedy effort but thanks

some of the bends in damage control where wrong merely because john uses 24 frets on this song, and my guitar doesnt have that so i compensated with a few impov bends and little licks lol

but thank you once again