I ask because with my amp cranked I can lay my fingers lightly on the frets and hammer-ons come out easier, so my playing is overall lighter and smoother, whereas when i practice with the amp down or off I have to pick and fret everything hard to hear it.

So which should i be practicing with? Is there a difference at all? I dont want to spend any more time practicing the wrong way.. Thanks!
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practice with whatever is easiest and what you can hear best. (which seems to be with the amp)
Just because you're amplifying your sound does not mean you're doing it right. A hammer-on or pull-off shouldn't sound any different than when you pick a string other than it should be smoother - it should be almost, if not exactly the same volume.
I don't practise with my amp because I don't wanna disturb my family or neighbours.
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I really doesn't matter its totally up to individual preference, just do whichever it is most comfortable and sounds best to you.

Though having said that, the volume of your amp really shouldn't make that much difference to your playing.