I'm wondering what kind of bass amp i should get, and what size i should get watt wise, I'll be playing decent sized venues, i play hard rock and metal, as well as a bit of classic rock
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Decent-sized as in 50, or decent-sized as in 300? That's kind of a point-of-view thing.

between 200-300W is generally thought of as par for a live rig, but it really depends on the venue, your band's style, and what sort of cabs you use, the last being most important. For example, a 200W rig with two 412 cabs would probably be louder than a 400W one with a 215.

With your style, I'd say either an 810, two 410's, or the classic 410/115 combo.
edit: unless your budget impedes that, in which case you're basically going to try and find the loudest amp you can afford.
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what's your EQ? playing style?

I'm saying this because I can drown a weak drummer with a 50 watt amp, but my ol friend fitzy cant even play using 200.

what is the guitarist(s) using? is your drummer a pounder? what bass you got?
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