i know a luthier that can build me a guitar
and i told him that i wanted a guitar with a Les Paul kinda body with 24 frets
and he told me that with the 24 frets, the neck pickup will not sound so "neck pickup" for a Les Paul
is there a big difference in sound?
what you will recomend?
thanks for your answers
For a les paul body, go for the 22 frets, only because the neck will go into the body a little and adding two more frets would be a waste of time, money, and tone.
yup pretty big difference. the sound will be more like between the necka nd middle pickup. personally, i'd prefer it like that if i'm playing with high gain distortion, but for cleans, i think it kinda sucks. if you need 24 frets, you need to push the pup back the length of two frets in order to fit the neck in. Or you can increase the scale of your guitar (since it's custom) to maybe 25" or if that's not available, 25.5" and then put the pickups where they should be. that would be the only way to even reach those frets. this will obviously change playability and make the tone a bit brighter, but if you need 24 frets... or you can put the bridge pup a LITTLE bit closer to the bridge so the difference will be bigger.
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I have a Prophecy LP and it has 24 frets. I've played other regular LP's and can't really agree with there being much of a tone difference... If he's a professional he must know what he's talking about I guess... but there is no way it would be anything to cry over.
But... they are a bit tough to reach the high frets on an LP anyway
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If I was Ed Roman I would tell you that you absolutely need those 2 extra frets. Of course I would also tell you that the les paul shape sucks so yeah.

Really, you don't need the extra frets. They really only give you 2 extra notes that aren't available elsewhere on the string. Nice, I know, but since you probably won't ever use them because of the lp shape your probably better off with the normal neck pick-up position.

Also I don't think changing scale lengths will help because that changes tone as well. Kind of a wasted effort to avoid changing tone by changing it anyways.
Wouldn't be extreme, but it would make a difference
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Yes, it would make a difference. The neck pup would become closer to a mid pup, which doesn't sound quite so much like a paul.
Also, there's a different body shape for the prophecy LPs. The cutaway is deeper, youd' have to ask him to make the cutaway like that, or else it would be next to impossible to reach that 24th fret.
Also, how often would you really use 24 frets? Because it's useful, at times, but is it really worth adding those two frets? Have you really run in to the need for it very often?
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well i personally dont use the 23rd and 24th frets very often but being able to get the high e without having to bend can be handy sometimes. If i had a choice i'd go with 24 but you could definitely get by with 22
if you use them then put them there. its not the end of the world, it'll still be a neck pickup..