Hi, I've been trying to learn the solo to Fade to Black, and I've been mostly doing fine, except for the part where I'm supposed to pull of from (I think it's these frets, but I may be wrong) 12 to 10 to 8. Am I supposed to just take my finger off the fret, or am I supposed to like pluck or pull the string as I take it off?
For a pull-off, you should pull the string slightly with the finger you fretted it with. Almost like you're plucking the string with your fretting hand.

This is the way I learned, and this is the way I'm telling you to do it. If somebody with more credibility tells you different - Freepower, for example - you should probably listen to them.
You have to find a balance between plucking the string with the finger you're pulling off with and just lifting your fingers.

If you pluck too hard, you'll hear a noticable rise in pitch just before the pull off as you bend the string slightly, and you might accidentally hit the string behind the string you're doing the pull off on,
but if you pull off too softly, you may mute the string all together and get a soft tone or even a natural harmonic squeak.

Just focus on the sound you want with the pull offs. You know how it's SUPPOSED to sound, right? Practice plucking with just the right amount of pressure with your lifting finger and you should get pull offs down in no time.
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You pick 12 then pull-off to 10 then pull-off again to 8 (then slide index down to 7 and so on). When you pull off, you of course lift the finger off but you flick the string (like you're plucking it) while doing it. It should sound almost like you plucked the string but not quite (more legato). here is a video that may help with hammer-ons and pull-offs.