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On a whim this past Saturday night I logged onto Craigslist and typed in my dream Strat. After 10 minutes of searching I saw a post that was too good to be true. I responded to it, and was promptly called back the next morning.

Mexi made, but I dont care. Its got all the parts and color that Ive dreamed of. I never thought I would have my dream Strat so soon. Ive been drooling over this model guitar for over a year now, and now its mine.

Perfect condition save a pea-sized ding on the underside and a minor chip under the back scratch plate that seems to have been caused by one of the screws. It has Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pups ($189 value), and I got the orginals as well.

$450 and I drove away a happy man.

Thanks for reading, now the pr0n:

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... Uh, cool? We get to see the string height of your guitar.

Where's the rest?

EDIT: damn, nice find.
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wow, she's a beauty... how's she play? i myself always wanted a arctic white with maple strat...
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that's some pretty low action. my dad has a very similar guitar minus the large headstock.
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sweet guitar! it looks a lot like my white strat, what model/year is it?

2004 Classic reissue 70's Strat.
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how's she play?

Like melted butter. The action is sick. Im astounded at how low it is, and not a fret buzz to be heard. The neck is so comfortable and the rolled edges are perfect. And the fret job? Stainless, medium frets dressed like it was a 2k or more costing guitar. Im astounded at the build of this thing. And its miiiine!!!
Same colors as mine, gotta love Arctic white W/ Maple fretboard., Great find.
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I will steal your guitar and replace it with a sexier albeit less so tonally MIM Standard. You lucky lucky man.

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2004 Classic reissue 70's Strat.

Thats my same guitar then! Except mines a 2007.
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off white are the best. I have one that's like... sparkly silver. which sounds ****ing ugly but it's teh seckzy


I love the Wayne's World Strat.
My girlfriend's father owns one. Plays like a dream.
omg awesome, I kid you not man, as I write this I am holding the EXACT same guitar!
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Just needs a tortoise shell pickguard . Nice Axe man, congrats!

NO! Leave the white pickguard!

Welcome to the arctic white MIM Strats with maple fretboards and white pickguards club

Sorry the pics are kinda dark

Be sure to join the Foreign Made Fender Owner's Group (link in my sig)
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Oh, my, that's excellent. Congrats! Love the finish/maple scheme.

Reminds me of mine...


American with 22 frets. Nice!
im drooling...... that white color is so....... i have black though.......
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beautiful, absolutly beautiful, best looking strat imo, HNGD
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I have that same guitar, not sure about the year though. It's a great axe.
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either this color or sunburst is best
GLEN JENSEN. That is all.....

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I stayed up till 4am lastnight playing her.

I had to be up at 6am and I have a 2 hour commute.

Needless to say, Im hurtin, but looking at these pics will get me through the day!
Everytime I see a white strat with maple fretboard I always feel the urge to make it a white frankenstrat. Lol ... What's wrong with me?!

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Holy crap dude, it's just gorgeous. I'm jealous

Although the neckplate looks a little wonky. But hey
I've always wanted a 70s Strat in white with a maple neck. They are so cool. But for some reason, everyone hates the CBS headstock, I think it looks awesome.
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Ah if that'd have hotrails I'd love it more
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Classic 70's Strat, right? They're really nice, I almost got one exactly like yours but ended up with the sunburst 60's
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Normally I'd say get a black pickguard, but I really like how the white pickguard works with your guitar.
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Ah if that'd have hotrails I'd love it more

Why the fuck would you replace perfectly good pickups (Texas Specials, no less!) with horrible ceramic compromise 'buckers made for pimping up Squiers and Yammys? D:

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Although the neckplate looks a little wonky. But hey

It's the 70s three bolt scenario. It's vintage correct.

I vote tortoise shell pickguard.

Arctic White is the best Strat colour alongside the Amber colour they do on the MIAs. Nice guitar.

Oh and Texas Specials taken into consideration it's an incredible find.
I'm not a fan of any other pickguard than white on a guitar like this =/

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