my interests usually as far as playing music goes is anywhere from metal and most of all the core sub-genres haha. i was typing them all out and just decided to say core.

anyway, im in the air force. im currently stationed in texas finishing up some follow up training. im getting stationed in moody afb in georgia which is close to valdosta. from what i hear its a small city so i figured i could probably play with people from atlanta or something.

ive been playing since about september of 07. i think im about an intermediate skill level. i can keep up with most people but i dont have any knowledge about theory what so ever. ideally i want to join an existing band who needs a guitarist. that way i can learn more from the other one. like i said, i dont really have much to offer as far as coming up with stuff goes.

if anyone is interested, i'll be in the area in late june or july.

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