I want that classic snarl that comes from a natural distortion.
what tube amp can help me get that?
think of like duane allman or dickey betts tone
Egnater Rebel 20 is a good amp. not too pricey, either.
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some of the fender reisues might give you a pretty duane tone, i know he liked a sharp trebely kinda dangerous sounding tone, and well dickey's is a bit smoother, so some type of fender reisue or vintage would probaly suit you well, if you want something a bit more versital id find an ac30, used you could probaly find a fender supersonic for under1000 and that would probably suit you well too
A lot of Duane Allman's tone came from his pickups which really had a bit of unique character. Either way, both used bass spec (1986) 50 watt Marshall plexi heads with 4x12 cabs loaded with JBLs.

At least their live tone.