I have recently heard the All Time Low cover of Rihanna's umbrella and i thought it was kinda cool but I thought the band that did it sounded like a really fun, catchy band. I checked out some their singles on youtube and whatnot but while I thought the band had potential, I didn't really find any that I would personall think of as catchy. My question is: does anyone know any good/catchy songs by All Time Low?
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if you like all time low you'll love the maine
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The Party Scene EP and Put Up or Shut Up are the best albums with the best songs
listen to Forever the Sickest Kids instead.

I've grown soooo tired of all these bands....bleh.
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Try Dear Maria, Count Me In.
its a good song
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A Reason For Broken Wings - A Skylit Drive
Jasey Rae is a pretty good song to learn.
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