This may seem ambitious for a modding noob such as myself...which will explain any dumb things I may say...but here goes...

I recently acquired a guitar second-hand, except it was left for me to wire all the electronics, which I was really looking forward to.

Anyways, the pickups I have for this guitar are a Lace Dually, a Seymour Duncan JB and a piezo system. I want to run the Laces as two singles in the neck or as humbucking, the JB humbucking in the bridge and the piezo running off the saddles (obviously). So that means I would need a 5 way toggle switch? I'm not too interested in mixing the JB and the Lace anyway. Would the only solution to this (without cutting the body to fit in a 5 way switch) be a rotary switch?

The previous owner had it set up with two volume knobs (one for the piezo and one for the Lace and the JB) and no tone knobs, so I've got two holes drilled for knobs right now. I'm not too sure if I want to go through the trouble of drilling more holes for additional knobs, but I will if it's beneficial.

I'd hoped to have a master volume but I would also like to be able to coil split the JB, so I'd need a push-pull volume pot, which I couldn't share with the other pickups (or could I...?). And if I can't use this push-pull as a master volume, I will skip the coil split because then I'd have a ridiculous number of volume knobs (one for each pickup) or I'd have two volume knobs: one for the piezo and the Laces and one for the JB (which I find kind of odd).

So then, could I have a master volume, master tone and 5-way rotary switch? Would it work?

Here is a helpful (?) diagram of my extremely jumbled ideas. The knobs won't actually be where they are, I'm just pointing out their functions.
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