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7th grade: Linkin Park
8th grade: Led Zeppelin or The Who
9th grade: Jimi Hendrix or any other classic rock band
10th grade: Red Hot Chili Peppers
11th grade: Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine
now: Sigur Ros, Elliott Smith, Neil Young, The Decemberists

Feel free to change this around a little bit.
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7th Grade: Nu-metal/hardcore...yes I was one of those kids
Halfway through 8th grade: Metallica, Maiden, Megadeth, etc. until now
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7th: LP
8: I didn't listen to music
9: Still didn't listen to much
10: Zeppelin, Sabbath more classic rock
11: GnR, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and a whole bunch more of everything.
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2nd Grade - Korn
3rd grade - metallica
4th grade - offspring
5th grade - frenzal rhomb
6th grade - slipknot
7th grade - metallica

8th grade - Metallica
9th grade - dream theater
10th grade - dream theater
11th grade - dream theater
12th grade - dream theater

obviously there where more per year, but generally they where my big influence through each year.
7th grade: blink 182, green day, etc
8th grade: AFI, Limp bizkit , HIM, CKY
9th grade: Clutch, CKY, Bodom, In Flames
10th grade: Cannibal Corpse, Nine Inch Nails, Black Flag
11th grade to now: QOTSA, Misfits, C.C, AILD, Lamb of God, NIN, Black Flag
7th: Ac/dc
8th: Metallica
9th: Children of Bodom
10th: Steve Vai
11th: Batio, Cooley, etc.
12th: Shawn Lane
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5th to 7th - Static-X

7th through the middle of 8th - Slipknot

Freshman year on - Everything. I still love Static-X and Slipknot, and I didn't go through those phases like everyone else.
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6th-Linkin Park
7th-Green Day, The Offspring
8th-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Story of The Year, A Day To Remember etc etc
9th-Metallica, Ozzy, Story Of The Year
10th-Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Offspring, Story Of The Year.
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7th grade: Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink-182
8th grade: Green Day, Blink-182, Sum 41.
9th grade: Anti-Flag, Dead Kennedys, Toadies, Arctic Monkeys
10th grade: Muse, Toadies, AFI, Against Me!, etc.
11th grade (now): The Vines, Toadies, Bright Light Fever, Nirvana, Streetlight Manifesto, and many, many more.
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7th grade:Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Casualties, Bad Religion
8th grade:Same thing, just more bands in the same genres
9th grade: Discovered pot, so Grateful Dead, Sublime, Notorious BIG, Allman Brothers Band, and similar bands
10 grade: Same thing really, just more bands, mostly jam
11 grade: Hendrix is my main music now, Janis Joplin, still like Nirvana, Primus, Huge Sublime fan, similar bands.
don't remember the years but it's gone in order:

Kiss (grade six)
Iron Maiden
Van Halen
The Police
The Johnstones
Foo Fighters
Led Zeppelin
Judas Priest (now)
6th-7th grade: Linking park
8th: System of a down
9th: Metallica I think
10th: Opeth, Shpongle
11th: Cynic, Ephel Duath
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1st to 7th : The Carpenters and Air supply
8th: Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix
9th : Decemberists, Coldplay
10th : Radiohead, U2, Foo Fighters
I dont know what grades mean but

1st Year (1992 i was 12) GNR Metallica Zep
2nd Year Megadeth Dream Theater
3rd Year Beethoven Slayer Carcass
4rth Year Carcassi, Sor, Meshuggah
5th Year Miles Davis John Coltrane, Weather Report
6th Year..Underworld DJ Shadow Chick Corea Massive Attack Tool, Stravinsky

After school...more interested in partying than music and post 2000 most of the bands were schite anyway bar Opeth, SOAD, QOTSA, but i got the passion back.
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As a child: I would ride around in the car with these big ass shades on, bobbing my head along with the music. Also, Hall and oates, Billy Joel, Elton John and Rick Astley (seriously, he was still very popular at the time).

4th-7th grade: Led Zep, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rush and basically all of your classic rock standards

8th: Nirvana

9th & 10th: Rage Against the Machine

11th: Tool, Megadeth, System of a Down and Flickerstick

12th: Anything brimming with wanky guitar

College: Radiohead, The Black Dahlia Murder, Sigur Ros, NAS, Talib Kwali, Band of Horses, Opeth, Rush, Jimmy Eat World, Mogwai Coheed and Cambria, tons of other stuff.
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Gr. 8- Billy Talent, Metallica
Gr. 9 - Protest The Hero, As I Lay Dying, Lamb of God
Gr. 10 - Protest The Hero, The Fall Of Troy, Tool
Gr 11. - Protest The Hero, BTBAM, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Architects

eh, there's a lot more, I just don't want to go back any farther or think harder.
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5th grade- Blink 182
6th grade- Korn (haha), Black Sabbath
7th grade- Minor Threat, Ramones, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Clash, Sex Pistols
8th grade- Black Flag, Nirvana, Pink Floyd
9th grade- Dead Kennedys, the Wipers, Streetlight Manifesto
10th grade - The Germs, Operation Ivy
11th grade - The Melvins, various surf music, Beat Happening, Television
12th grade (now) - Flipper, Mudhoney, the Wipers, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters,
Mines ****ed up:

7th grade: London Symphony Orchestra
8th Grade: Nobuo Uematsu ( Anime Phase )
9th Grade: Metallica (Discovered Thrash Metal)
10th Grade: Megadeth (I enjoyed them more than Metallica)
11th Grade: Children of Bodom (I still listen to all of teh Thrash!)
7 - korn, slipknot etc.
8 - metallica, Iron maiden
9 - megadeth, symphony x
10 - blind guardian, symphony x
11 - ensiferum, symphony x
12 - necrophagist, symphony x

now meh much more pagan metal and other types + classical and rag time.
6th - System of a Down, CKY, Wolfmother, Black Sabbath
7th - Wolfmother, Buckethead, SoaD Plus 44, Interpol, AC/DC, The Who, Blink 182, Slayer, Bloc Party
8th - Buckethead, Wolfmother, Interpol, RUSH, Who, Pantera, Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age, mc chris, SoaD
9th - Buckethead, Wolfmother, Interpol, RUSH, Who, Pantera, Dream Theater, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Sepultura, Pixies, Nine Inch Nails, CCR, MGMT, Aphex Twin, Meshuggah, Judas Priest, Alice in Chains, Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden, Andrew WK
7th grade - Blink 182, the Moffatts? Hanson??
8th grade - Eminem
9th grade - System of a Down, The Distillers, Rancid
10th grade - of Montreal, Tegan and Sara, Le Tigre
11th grade - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Radiohead, Death From Above 1979, Beck
12th grade - Sufjan Stevens, K'naan, Wu-tang Clan, Cadence Weapon, Spoon
1st year university - Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, Basia Bulat, The National, The Shins
2nd year - Justice, MGMT, GZA, Ghostface Killah, The Ruby Suns, Silversun Pickups, We Are Wolves
When i was a young lad: Ace of Bass, Prozak, Eiffel 65, Fred Penner, Offspring, some of the kickass early ninties dance music.

Grade 7,8: P.O.D. oh snap! Pillar, Nickelback, alternative rock

Grade 9, 10: Linkin Park, Billy Talent, Sum 41, Greenday, more rock

Grade 11: Alexisonfire, Rise Against, Protest the Hero, Disturbed, the music from Tony Hawk American Wasteland, even more rock

Grade 12: Finally found out about Metallica. "oh that's the band that plays that song about the sandman." Lots of metal and classic rock. lol
I can't remember exactly what bands but I went through phases.

Grade 7: Basically only rap, Linkin Park, Nickleback (this is before I got a guitar)

8th grade: Strictly metal (not that heavy stuff though mainly Metallica and Iron Maiden)

9th grade: More metal, a bit of classic rock

10th grade: Metal (heavier stuff) and a lot more classic rock

Now: Metal (some heavier stuff like Lamb Of God), Classic rock and I'm getting back into more pop/punk pop music (Lady gaga, Sum 41, Blink 182, Hannah Montana) and a bit of rap (I'm getting into Lil Wayne)
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7th grade: Disturbed, Slipknot, nu metal, mostly. I still love a lot of it.
8th grade: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Cream, mostly.
9th grade: Pink Floyd, Metallica, Mastodon, Children of Bodom, a few more.
10th grade: Pink Floyd, Opeth, Pelican, Emperor, and others.
11th grade: Minus the Bear, 65daysofstatic Russian Circles, Coheed and Cambria, Genghis Tron, and FAAAAAARRRRR too many others. My music tastes always blew up every school year, but 11th grade REALLY blew up. In a major way.
Now: Lately, Sigur Ros, Between the Buried and Me, My Bloody Valentine, Irepress, Electric Wizard, etc. etc. etc.
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1st grade- buchelli (uh dunno how to spell), opera, beatles, classical music
2nd grade- the 18s, aba, disco basically
3rd grade- same as above
4th grade- outcast, black eyed peas
5th grade- eminem, snoop dogg, black eyed peas, outcast
6th grade- eminem, outcast, greenday, franz ferdinand, linkin park
7th grade- oh god here it goes
(beginning of the year) yellow card, greenday, panic at the disco, fall out boy (i was so lost)
(middle) Kiss, Black Sabbath, ACDC, Led Zeppelin (VH1 actually saved my life)
(End) Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Kiss, RHCP
8th grade- Nirvana (obsessed), Wolfmother and most of the music from 7th grade, my "grunge" years
9th grade- Nirvana, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Navel, Kyuss, Nebula, Black Sabbath
10th (now)- The Vines, Bob Marley, The Doors, The Hives, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, & most of 7th grade music

basically my music taste has exploded over the last year, everything from the doors to the kooks
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4 grade - good charlotte
5 grade - acdc, jet, ramones, simple plan, good charlotte
6 grade - started listening to more clasic rock, introduced to it in fifth grade, so, iron maiden, ramones, acdc, zeppelin, black sabbath
7 grade - ramones, GBH, clash, crass, sex pistols, street brats, the tights, later in the year, skid row, la guns, guns n roses, poison, ratt, nashville pussy, anything sleezy and fast really haha
8 grade- aerosmith, foghat, kiss
9 grade - america, buffalo springfield, beatles, bad company, squeeze, a lot of psychadelic stuff i cant really remmeber haha, it changed a lot lol
this year(10 grade) - grateful dead, tom petty , poco, loggins and messina, zeppelin, ozark mountain daredevils, pure prarie league, marshall tucker band, some other obscurer southern stuff, a lot of southern rock stuff, some stuff that could probaly be called country too, but really i just love 70s stuff that isnt pop or disco, so like basiclly any 70s rock ill listen to and like with a few exceptions lol
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7th grade - I don't remember really listening to much music, mostly just the country my parents listened to. :|
8th grade - same as 7th
9th grade - Started listening to The Clash, pretty much all I listened to at the time
10th grade - The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols (started playing guitar around this time)
11th grade - Same as before, also started listening to Metallica and some classic rock
12th grade - Became officially obsessed with Metallica, added Megadeth, Ted Nugent, Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, all yer typical classic rock stuff, Mastodon too

Now (freshman in college) - In the past year it's expanded a lot because I got bored of listening to the same songs a million times, plus I'm more open minded. So I've added a great deal of metal, prog, shred, rock, etc. I'd say Mastodon and Bowie stick out most as additions.T
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10: Guns N Roses
11: Led Zeppelin (Specifically number 4)
12: Jimi Hendrix
13: RHCP
14: RHCP,John Frusciante
15: Aphex Twin, RHCP, John Frusciante, No Doubt.
6th grade: Run DMC
7th grade. Guns N' Roses
8th grade: Guns N' Roses
9th grade: Guns N' Roses
10th grade: Hanoi Rocks
11th grade: Hanoi Rocks
12th grade: Bob Dylan/The Doors/Stones
13th grade: (Now) Bob Dylan

I have no idea how this works out. I'm 20 now anyway >_>.
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5th- Doubledrive
6th- Linkin Park
7th- Linkin Park
9th- Allele, Nonpoint, Saliva
10th- Chevelle
Now- U2, Chevelle, Disturbed, Red

6th Grade: Green Day

7th Grade: Green Day for a bit, classic rock (Zep, etc.), first got into Metallica, lots of Clapton

8th Grade: Classic Rock, still clapton, more metal though (Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth) and some nu-metal

9th grade: got into shred/progressive, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, ska, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, and jam bands, Umphrees McGee, Gov't Mule, etc., and death metal, Arch Enemy, Death, CoB, etc.
Let's see now...

5th to 7th Grade: No one band. Mainly just listened to the radio.
8th Grade: Linkin Park (lol)
9th Grade: Static-X (lolol)
10th Grade: In Flames
11th Grade: Dream Theater
12th Grade: Porcupine Tree
Now: At the moment, I'm in a transition. I did go through a phase where all I listed to was VNV Nation and Radiohead though, so they count as my favourites for this year. And Alice In Chains.
4 years old - Hanson ()
4th Grade through 6th Grade - Mainly Green Day, Linkin Park and MCR
7th Grade - Green Day, MCR, and Nirvana
8th Grade - Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and Alice in Chains (tl;dr: I turned into a grunge junkie)
9th Grade (Now) - Pink Floyd, NIN, CCR, Boston, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, and Metallica... And some random funk.

Yeah, my musical tastes have evolved A LOT in 3 years.
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years 3-6: didn't like music much at all

year 7: i went through a 1960's revival

year 8 my chemical romance

year 9: mcr, the rasmus, lostprophets started to get into muse, green day

year 10: muse, queen, kiss, started to get into nightwish ratm and audioslave, the darkness

year 11/now: muse, nightwish, rammstein, tarot, CoB, Northern Kings, more nightwish, apocalyptica, all american rejects, ratm, sinergy, racer x, primus, everything else les claypool, PAIN, kamelot, katy perry, the darkness, joe satriani, delain, started to like green day again, audioslave, andrew wk, alestorm, within temptation, stevie wonder
4th Grade = Nirvana
5th Grade = Sum 41
6th Grade = Metallica
7th Grade = Either Mastodon or Slayer
8th Grade = Mayhem
9th Grade = I can't really remember, I think it was either Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Behemoth or possibly Mayhem
10th Grade = Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Year 3-4 S Club 7 (FTW)
Year 5 Linkin Park
Year 6 Velvet Revolver
Year 7 GNR
Year 8 Wolfmother
Year 9 Metallica
Year 10 Black Stone Cherry
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My Music

1st year: feeder
2nd year: linkin park
3rd year: linkin park
4th year: blink 182
5th year: blink 182 / 2pac
6th year: angels and airwaves / blink 182
college: first got into metal/hardcore.. ALOT of bands :p
being a bum: 90's punk rock, post-hardcore (fugazi, refused etc..)
now: everything tbh.. finding new music every week.
7 - AFI, Linkin Park, Atreyu, and Paramore
8 - The Black Dahlia Murder, The Devil Wears Prada, Postmortem Promises
9 - Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Conducting From The Grave
10&now - Cannibal Corpse, Devourment, Hoods, Madball