So I have this Bass Amp that no one uses and I'm starting a band soon, I was wondering would a 60 watt bass amp be loud enough to hear someone sing through an entire band, Drums,2 Guitars and a Bass, It Would be easier since I'm Playing drums and just have the amp home, Do you guys think the amp would be loud enough? Hes a screamer so I think it should be loud enough plus he sings, also I could use a mixer to boost his mic into the amp so I Could here him better? Wound this be a good Idea or would it hurt the bass amp?
The bass amp is designed to handle many frequencies, so you should be fine. Hell, I do it. Singing also sounds better through a bass amp than a guitar amp. 60 watts should be fine. That's how many watts mine is.
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If he's a screamer you will be fine I think. And it may hurt the amp but if no one uses it anymore, put it to good use. Currently my band is using a karaoke mic into a guitar amp and its passable. whatever makes him heard i suppose.
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It'd be hard to hear, I think. It wont damage the amp as far as I know. Bass amps can handle everything
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