Awesome man, definitely sounds like it's made for a racing game. That's what you're aiming for by the looks of your myspace page.

Parts where there's a lot going on kinda made me feel uneasy, pretty damn awesome lol.

Recording sounds very professional and everything is at the right levels. Good work!
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This stuff that I really love dude. Very ****ing awesome.
There was this one local band that I saw a while ago and they did something eerily similar.
This kind of music is ****ing amazing in a live gig.

Everyhtings great about this track dude.
That's awesome, I could so see that being in a game. How do you create the sound before the guitar comes in? I kinda of reminded me of some of the music on the Metroid Prime games.
Thanks for checking mine out. This is great for what it seems like you're going for. As somebody above me said it feels like it is made for a racing game because its so "driving." The beginning kind of reminded me of halo but when the guitar kicks in for an extended period of time it feels less ambient and more fast-paced. The only part that didn't feel like it worked as well was the break around 2:30 when the "punk" drums kicked in but it didn't quite mesh with the guitar, IMO. Other than that, this was very entertaining. Good work!
woah thats ****in heavy!! ha, im critin this as im writin'. really liked the intro and the keyboard parts are pretty cool. rythym guitar sounds pretty brutal. sounds like somthing for a sci-fi game like halo.
very cool. the quality sounds professional. very epic. i like the intro with all the wierd sounds. keep up the great work
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Im loving that, its excellent video game material. I didnt know what to expect, but i'd definately think that suits games like Final Fantasy.
Crit mine?
sick, go promote that song to some company or something
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Sweet stuff dude, I dig it!
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I love the synth stuff, but when the guitars come I think the drum sounds could be improved. Perhaps you could bring up the cymbals slightly and change the snare sound (It sounds somewhat thuddy). Great compositions btw.

In Untitled, is that a random arpeggiator you have going there?
This is such an action sci-fi shoot um up. lol Really awesome recording. I don't know if it's just me but I liked the "thuddyness" of the drums. The ambient sounds were very dark and unnerving. There’s no constructive complaint I can think of so I'll just say NICE. In the near future, I'm sure that I'll be hearing this tune while I'm shooting aliens or some ****.


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Hey, It's Michael - the dude who does the sequencing and whatnot for the music. I figured that a nice mass reply for anyone's questions would be good. I wanted to give you all a big thanks in terms of the critiques and support, provide some supplementary responses and give some updates of progress to our upcoming work.

Also, right now we're working on two more experimental electronica-rock crossover tracks as we speak. One's just about done (I need to finish up the remainder of the drum track, add a bass track and master the song) and the other one will have another layer of drums put on it once kyle gets me the guitar tracks. We'll let you know when they're done.

Upcoming news:

I've released a break-beat track on the myspace page for anyone interested in going to hear it. It'll only be online for the next few days so be sure to listen to it while you can.


Grantjames: Every artist keeps certain things to himself when it comes to technique. This is one of those things ;-)

thedonutman: Nope, that's not an arpeggiator. I hand-sequenced that. I tend to feel that arps don't give me the kind of control over which note gets triggered when I want them to, at the exact time I want them to.
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