The Twilight Zone.

Who else likes to watch it? I only watch the black and white version, it's so cool to see how TV was so different back then. They had some good writing, but the techniques to do some of the crazy sci-fi stuff is were really clever and artistic.
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i used to watch it constantly when i was about 8, i loved that show.

the one with the giant gorilla sasquatch thing that was ripping panels off an airplane scared my balls right up into my body

william shatner!
that is an amaziiinggg show...
the marathon every new years is pretty badass!
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aww man sometimes when im at my grandmas house its on, i watch it, but its usually almost done. I saw this one where this chick was just drivin or somethin and twas quite borin.
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Love that show. I know i've watched the original one. I've seen the newest one. And i think i saw one that came in between those two. They're all good but sometimes the acting seems to be below par but its totally cool.
oh yea, new years eve marathons on the sci fi channel for the win!
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My great uncle was Rod Serling's neighbor and Serling used my great uncle's last name (Kamenir) in an episode. If anyone happens to know which episode that is, that would be awesome.

EDIT: I found it. The episode is called "Twenty-Two". Serling changed the spelling to "Kaminer".
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I've never seen it. What's it about?
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