I've finally decided on what pickups I want to get.

That being said, I have a few problems and a few questions.

The pots on my current guitar are bent, so the knobs kind of scrape along the pick guard when I turn the knobs. Will the Seymour Duncans (TB-4 in the bridge and SH-2N in the neck) that I'm getting come with replacement pots? If not, what pots would you recommend? Could I get say a 100k pot for the volume of the bridge pickup and a 250K pot for the volume of the neck pickup? Or would they both have to be the same? Would the 250K be a good idea to make the neck pickup a bit warmer?

No, the pickups won't come with replacement pots. Only EMG actives come with those.
You want 400k or so with all the pots, as far as I know.
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^ Uhmm, no.

TS, you probably aren't going to receive pots with the pickups.
For humbuckers, you need 500k pots and single coils usually use 250k pots.
This is because:
500k= more treble, removes the muddiness from the HBs
250k= more bass, removes the sharpness from SCs

For those two pickups, just use 500k pots; if you use the 250k pot, it'll be extremely muddy, but you're free to experiment.

Good luck.