Is there a computer program that will slow down a song without changing the tone/pitch? My guitar teacher was telling me he had a "recording device" which I'm assuming was analog he could record a short bit of music and play it back at a slower tempo. I figure now with computers as prevalent as they are, there is something that could do this digitally much more effectively.
Google Audacity, it's free too.
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Amazing Slow Downer is...well. All three of those things.

It's not free but it's absolutely brilliant.
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Also check out Transcribe, just google it. It works brilliantly. It costs a few bucks but it is well worth it.

And I'm sure if you're tech savvy you could find it other illicit ways, but it is a great program you should probably pay for it.
Audacity is really simple and that's all you need. Instead of slowing down the speed, you need to slow down the tempo thou. Cause speed WILL alter the tone.
Thanks for the responses, I knew there had to be something out there.