I get my paycheck this wednesday, and I'm going to buy some software for making music on the computer. I can't really spend more than $100. Here are 4 links, all with relatively different music (but in the end it's all similar in a lot of ways, too) and if you guys could suggest what's the best for what I want, I'd appreciate it.

This mainly for the part starting around 1:50




I saw FL studio in a music store for $90, so I might get that, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.
I haven't used anything other than FL, but i feel it's somewhat lacking. Hard to explain, I just feel there is probably better software out there. FL does have some advantages, it's very simple to use and to upgrade.
I use FL Studio 8. It's good. I'd suggest getting that. Just watch youtube videos explaining how it works and research it a bit, it's a good buy.
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