Ok, I just bought my Ibanez GIO from a friend of mine and have been trying to learn to play it.
I've got the first 6 chords of Stairway to Heaven down
Everything but the solo of In Bloom and Iron Man down.
What else should I learn??
For me, I tried to learn ANY thing that was in reach, and if it wasn't I practiced until it was (except that damn "one" solo!)

Personally, I would have you learn:
One-Metallica(easier than you think)
Enter Sandman-Metallica
More led zepellen (such as Black dog and Rock and Roll)
Sweet Child o Mine

but that is just my taste of music, just go out and try to play anything that interests you!

(but out of all those songs I highly recommend black dog, its easy to play but easily impresses people)
californication... maybe under the bridge if your up for something a little bit hard
GLEN JENSEN. That is all.....

Proud owner of an Ibanez Wh10V2
layla (but probably not the 12mins or so slide guitar at the end :p)
enter sandman - metallica
she shook me all night - ac/dc
here we go again - whitesnake?

If you haven't already learn your open chords and learn the pentatonic minor scale - its used loads in metal music, and will make learning solos easier as you will start to recognise whats coming next. And start learning the fretboard. Oh, and have fun
Thanks alot =D
this should keep me busy for a while
given that i DO know the scale and open chordes =]
thanks again.