I play mostly heavy/death metal. I'm looking for good distortion models and decent effects in a multi-effects pedal.

Because of price constraints, I've narrowed my choices down to -

Line 6 Floor Pod Plus

Zoom G7.1ut

Anything more expensive than this would be difficult, but if I absolutely need to, I can save.


i've had the zoom g7.1ut for a while and its pretty amazing, good variety of quality distortions and every effect is of studio quality, although here and there it gets a little digital sounding, but nothing a little tweaking can't help fix. I never got to try out the line 6, but the best advice is to go to a store near you and just try em both out, especially since zoom apparently made some duds? but my guess with that was people didn't take the time to truly learn how to use it, but who knows.
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What's the tube/boost function like? Does it actually do what they claim it does?

I can't really try it out as it isn't stocked in stores, I can order it online and try it out, though.

Has anybody else tried these pedals?
Ahhh, that sucks that the stores don't carry them. the tube knob gives it a warmer distortion, pretty noticeably as long as you are playing it through a good clean channel, and the boost gives it quite a bit of bite, really makes it cut through. Messing with these two parameters as well as all the amp models they have onboard gives you pretty much any kind of distortion you could want. Also, they have a noise gate/dirty gate etc parameter you can tweak that helps mold your sound as well. Bit of advice though, if you do decide on it, adjust the noise reduction to your liking when you first get it, helps the tone immensely.
Super Ape on vinyl changed my life.
There is a 14-day return period , though ... if I really don't like it, I could always swap for something else.
I tried out the Zoom G2.1u yesterday, and it was pretty good. There are a lot of things that could be improved, but I liked the tones a lot.
Also, I read the G7.1ut manual, and I like everything I read. It has so many advantages over the Floor Pod Plus.

Good to know about the tube effect and the ZNR.

Thanks a lot.
i am so lame..... i laughed at the Zooms link cuse it was all ZOMG!!!!!
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