America will never be a place for swapping bright lights,
Government nanny jobs or pub fights, estimating one's own self-worth
by laying claim to be a contemporary of a mean brick layer
who laid low a hundred men with rollers and a five-way spackling knife,
Standing at the edge of Nevrea river, pant legs tucked into your socks
as the water creeps up your spackled ass.
Europia will never be a place for cashing dog fights,
teeth rotting out of mouths and being racist on work nights,
Smell me, smell it, place nose tucked here under cemented armpits for
a meta morphed whiff of gaslight,
I've never furnished any place of residence until after the first 6 months.
Hollywood chasers never decorate their apartments because they suffer
grand delusions they'll make it big the first 6 months on the strip.
What's the point in unpacking boxes?
Wasting muscle mass.
Another diatribe on a dead horse that I continue to kick until it turns into
mush from the friction of my shoes because I love sliding around
in the greasy mess - mascara and dog food lining my boots.
I've never trusted the likes of men who have never wrapped tuna can
gashes in wolf t-shirts and used grain alcohol as a natural diuretic.
Poor advice.
this kept going back and forth with a decent line and the one that didn't seem to advance the piece very much. VERY stream of consciousness to me, and i honestly don't think it did the piece all that good. idk, i gues i have just read much better ones from you.
I'm trying to write a piece of prose every day.

This is one of those abominations I do every morning before work.
But it's extremely relevant.
But who gives a shit?
Not me.

St, Patrick's Day.
5:36 a.m., 17 beers and nine shots of Jameson.
I'm not concrnd.

</I type extremely legible when I'm ****-faced drunk>
Poor advice.
This is a newspaper about Randy, with writers who write like they are being payed off by Randy. Very bland, sadly.

First thing in awhile I've disliked.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

I have to say, I thought this was quite boring. I've noticed recently, that having a stream of consciousness and writing about it in a story-tale fashion is great, but you also have to take into account that the reader cannot see inside your mind. That's the basic crux of the matter.
I've had someone say to me recently that it doesn't matter whether someone fails to perceive the deeper sides of the piece as long as the deeper sides are actually there. Well, that is true in many respects, but part of writing, both creatively and intensely, is by having something that the reader can grab onto, and not just trip over; because the writer is trying to be too clever. It ends up sounding pretentious when you know full well that person is not a snobby character.