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i'm apprenticing at Atomic Guitar Works, and i'm starting on my second custom guitar. (see my pics for the first.)

-mahogany body
-carbonized maple neck
-hardtail bridge
-fully scalloped ebony fretboard
-Hipshot locking tuning keys
-2 coil tapped humbuckers (originally Duncans, 59 in the neck and a custom 5 in the bridge, now i got a dimarzio dual sound i think i'm going to stick within the bridge.)
-3 way switch
-1 volume knob

this time i'm gonna do a "uranium" style body (which is sorta RG soloist ect. two horn cut.)

heres the plan.


its got a quilt/flame maple top with a red-ish stain.

*stain sample* (also what i used to the shopped pic.)

and heres two shots of the actual body as it is currently cut out.

currently i'm waiting to get a truss rod so i can make the neck, then i will rout out the neck pocket and finish cutting out around the horns, do the round overs and continue ..ect..

more pics will come with progress.



waited for awhile on truss rods, finally got those, now i'm waiting on neck wood...

got my ebony fretboard slotted though. gonna scallop it sometime in the future.


i got the neck wood. mm carbonized maple (smells like a mix of dog breath and beef jerky when you work it..)
*neck blank*
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I like it, looks unique
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thanks! its all going to be oil finish. i have a feeling it'll sound even better then it looks..
UPDATE got the neck all cut out and the headstock shaped today.

things are going to be going alot faster now, so more updates sooner. (the wait for the neck wood/truss rods took longer then expected)


(see to the mock up to see the inlay layout..)

they're pearl dots, with red dots on the 7th, 12th, and 17th. after i scallop it they should be visible.. (unless i fukc it up)


routed the neck pocket, and did a basic round over of the neck.

here i'm holding the guitar up by the neck, no bolts or anything. the test for tight neck pockets.

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carbonized maple?

Does it go through a process or something and they somehow put carbon in it?
Quote by guitarcam123
carbonized maple?

Does it go through a process or something and they somehow put carbon in it?

Also, what are the advantages of using it? How much and where can I get some?

How do you get the maple top to go with the contour of the back wood? I've wondered how to do this for a mod on my strat I plan on doing soon.

i'm going on vacation tomorrow, so i'll be gone for a week or so.. and even then i gotta do the radius and fret it, then the scallop. updates will probably come at that point.
well. did the radius (20 in. cause i can :P), fretted it with 6000's, and did the scallop.

also i did the neck shaping after this pic was taken, you can see the extended 'heel' its a normal sized heel now..
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cool beans! those are nice looking scallops.
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Sweet! What grit do you sand the scallops to (if you do)?
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Sweet! What grit do you sand the scallops to (if you do)?


to make them i used 80 grit, then went to 320, then 600 and just for ****s and giggles i used a fine steel wool to finish off..

ps, ebony isnt normally scalloped for a reason, its hard.
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to make them i used 80 grit, then went to 320, then 600 and just for ****s and giggles i used a fine steel wool to finish off..

ps, ebony isnt normally scalloped for a reason, its hard.

That's what she said. They look good though, nice and shiny.
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did the side dots and finished the neck shape, applied tung oil, although because of the wood i dont know that any of it will take..

side dots are aluminum and 3/16ths. BIG so you can see them easily under stage light. (theres methods to my madness..)
HOLY **** those are big!!
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Though I dont like the neck, all those scallops make me sick, and that coloring, if it makes you happy then its fine by me.

I must say impressive work, lots of finesse and talent doing those scallops, and must I say very quick.

The body is great.

thanks everyone. yeah, its all my preference, many people dont like scallops but i wanted one, however i dont recommend ebony for scalloping, its really hard wood (obviously), but i think it looks nice. after i put the oil on the neck wood it turned a darker brown.. it looks and feels real smooth and nice. i'll put more pics up when i take them, the necks pretty much done now so in the coming weeks it'll mostly be body stuff so probably only gonna be a few more sets of pictures before shes done.

ps. that was my first scallop.
Really liking this build up to now. Please let us know how the neck plays and reacts, a teacher of mine (works for Godin guitars) mentionned that carbonized necks aren't as good. I remember though while assisting a conference about wood that there are advantages to them, but there are more disadvantages according to my teacher. I'm very curious of the outcome.

Btw, how did you get the apprenticeship? Asking, applied or classes?
^----asking. you can read all about it in one of the forth coming guitar player magazine issues.. (i believe december) featuring the first of our guitars to have the carbonized neck.

this one

Sounds good, thanks, I'll be sure to check it out!

I'm guessing from that top, they were from the same chunk of wood... Also, are the guitars you're buyilding yours, or for sale? Just curious how the apprenticeship is working out for you... can wait to start my own personnal projects.
man that's some nice green stain

on the green guitar, what wood is the fretboard?
It looks like it's got some figure to it
So the fretboard was carbonized also?! That's a very sexy looking guitar! Keep the guitar porn coming

Can you tell me if you carbonize the wood before or after shapping the neck? Im guessing before since the wood might still react to temp variations
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its darker because of the carbonization. theres no stain on there. and when we get it its just a carbonized chunk of wood. this build is really supposed to be more about the red one I'm building... lol you all can read about the green one in Guitar Player Magazine when that issue comes out, i'll let you all know.
your staining the maple? use a lot of pre-conditioner cause maple is REALLY tight and absorbtion of the stain is quite bad, i suggest a dye, i tested out a stain on my piece of maple and it took forever to dry, didnt sink in and felt almost like velvet at the end. just my experience.
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