its not bad, not full enough for me but if thats the money you got it is what it is. my advice is to save your money so you dont gotta buy a new acoustic anytime soon
To be honest, any guitar under $100, is something I wouldn't be picky about, especially for a first guitar (*opinion). In all honesty, from what I've read and learned is that you get what you pay for. As a preference, you'll want to find a guitar with a solid top.

I was in your situation about a year ago, but I chose to invest a little bit more for a better quality guitar. I researched a lot and purchased a Segaull S6 (Awesome Guitar). This helped me out a lot, it helped me develop a personal preference to choosing: sound, bodyshape, comfortability, specifications and tonal woods as my next purchase.

I highly recommened that you spend some time going to a guitar store and play some nice guitars. Try some high end guitars and some low ends for comparsion. [Sound > looks] is the way to go. Develop a preference for sound, because each guitars are different. Good luck on your purchase, I hope that helps a little .
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