So I own a Vox AD15VT Valvetronix amp. Its great. I love it... for some things.

I'm having trouble getting some good tones. I've figured out a great bluesy clean tone, and a good modern hard rockish tone.

So i just save these two settings. I've got my clean setting, and my distorted. Everythings good except i dont really like the distorted one. Im trying to find a more classic rock/metal tone. I've messed with a bunch of settings on different models, but i was mainly trying on AC30TB and the JCM800 models to get somethign good.

I can't. No matter what settings i've tried they sound really really empty. Not the kind of empty delay or reverb can fix. Like dry sounding. A lot of musicians I like use the JCM800, and amps like that, yet I can sound nothing like that. I know, its comparing a 150 dollar amp with one that costs thousands. But still... help?

I have a Fender Fat Strat by the way.

Yes, I know... Valvetronix.net. I've tried many settings from that site but they all sound really dry. Especially if im soloing.

And the reason I want an older classic rock sounding tone is for that kind of less distorted more clear, crunchy stuff.

Some band ideas would be: Black Sabbath, GNR, Iron Maiden, Even Metallica. And some newer bands with a less distorted tone im trying to get: Seether (new cds lighter tone), Three Days Grace, stuff like that. But thats less important than the first few mentioned.

Another band I like the tone of is Pearl Jam.

You see the kind im wanting? Less distortion, more clarity, just crunchy sounding. But also when i do get an "ok" sound it sounds HORRIBLE doing lead.

So UG, I need help. Settings? Tips? Which Model to use?

Thanks for any help,