Alright, I'll try to break it down quickly.

On my 100gbp "build" I'm down to the last parts hopefully. I had a pickguard on a strat copy body. It was an HSS config. I removed the pickups and and pots and left them connected to each other.

I made my own custom pickguard out of metal and put the pickups back in, the pots and the switch too. Wired it to the jack, grounded it to the tremolo claw and plugged it in.

On the clean channel I have basically zero sound even with the amp turned all the way up. No switch position changes that.

I switch on the DS1 pedal to the distortion channel and it makes some sound(almost clean) but at a low output and a ton of squeal and bad noise. Switching the channels on the amp makes no difference so I assume the DS1 just amplifies the signal.

The volume and tone pots work as they should. The switch works as well. I've raised the pots close enough to the strings it would have corrected that problem should that have been the issue.

I'm thinking I have some crazy ground loop going on due to the pickguard but I'm no guru at wiring. Any ideas??
It's possible that you got the wires switched when you wired up the jack... that's all that I can think of, though.
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Metal pickguard...

Think about it for a second...
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I'm not the first with a metal pickguard so how did they do it?

Should I shield the pot from the metal?

Or take off the ground wires from pot to pot and pickups to pot? And just run one ground from the volume pot to the jack?
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I would check continuity between hot and ground and pickguard with a multimeter. AFAIK ground loops doesn´t make your guitar quiet, you just get tons of hum. I would say that somewhere you have hot connected to ground