hey guys

i've read up on this but i've totally forgotten how this works

is a 21 or 22 fret fender stratocaster american? and how do you distinguish an american from the mexican / japs ? i know americans say they're american made on the headstock but im not sure of the other features

im watching a vid of aerosmith doin a live performance of train kept a rollin and joe's strat as 21 frets, is this a mexican?

cheers in advance fellas
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umm it says on the headstock.. quite simple.
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umm it says on the headstock.. quite simple.

yeah i know that ...

just the other features im not quite sure of
Most strats have 21 frets. Some have 22 though, like the lone star or american deluxes.
the ones that are black are called african-american strat and the ones with payot are jew strat
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