Basically, I'm looking at two telecasters. The first is the Classc 50's Fender tele, now with it's disgustingly high pricetag of $940, a point where I may just shrug and buy a Roadworn(Which have better tone to my ears, it's not for the look), both of which were great when played. But more expensive than everything else. The second is a 50's-based telecaster copy from Dillion, a brand I like(as shown by one of the guitars in my sig), and which, to my hands and ears, is on par with an American Standard. It's not perfect, but it's definitely worth the $350. So basically, do I save $950, or buy the decent copy for $350?

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I've only heard good things about Dillion copies. If the brand name doesn't matter to you, it's probably a much better deal.
I'd get the Dillion and with the money you save, set it up to play better than the Fender.
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if youdecide to go into the 940 buck region...why not just save up the extra 300 or so and get an american? i mean do what what you want im just saying i would do that
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