For those of you who have not heard of Chladni patterns, watch these vids
This is probably worth a read, too.
This diagram seems to be readily available online as well--

My question-- If these patterns were to be mapped, overlapped, and inlayed into a guitar, perfectly in tune, in 1-semitone intervals, would it be possible to add new and perhaps previously unheard characteristics to the tone? In this case perhaps the inlay could be a resonant metal or a different tonewood.

It seems that you'd have a guitar that would naturally want to play in tune, as well, as the pitch 440 hz for example would have more resonance than 441 hz. In essence, every note would be a "wolf note" when played in tune... naturally loud and powerful. The character of the sound could be modified through other design considerations.

Maybe this stuff just seems cooler cause its 2:45 in the morning but this seems totally wild.
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Inlaying them into the top and back? I think you'd end up with a LOT of metal. Sounds ineresting though.
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