Just wondering what the standard action is for a cheap ass bass off ebay? It is currently at about 9 mm and feels horrible.

I am thinking of lowering it a little to make playability a bit easier. Would i have to adjust anything more than just the saddles? I was thinking just unwind the screws maybe half a turn each until i get the right height...

Any pointers much appreciated!
cheers dude, whats the general height for strings to be at though?

or should i just have a play and see what feels best (mind out of the gutter people)!
It's possible to get a decent bass down to 1-2mm, but I think most people keep it around 3-4.
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Tunemybass has a good setup guide and Ben does a good job in the FAQ as well. Height is a matter of preference; I tend to keep my action low, just a smidge above the fret buzz level.
Generally its lowered until the frets start buzzing, then nudged back up until its acceptable or stops. Some people like fret clatter however, Mark King sets his action extra low to get a bit of buzz, and some people have higher actions to accomodate aggressive playing styles.
Unlikely to be a problem with what appears to be a first bass, but you'll be surprised at how much the low-B of a fiver has to be raised to stop fret buzz. Similarly to a certain extent with the E-string.
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