hey guys,
ive got a problem with my g400 and i was wondering if anyone could help me out with whats wrong. i got it for christmas (therefore its not very old) and recently its developed some hum, which is similar to that of my stratocaster and therefore uncharacteristic of a humbucking guitar. when im not holding the guitar there is sum hum, which im pretty sure is louder than before. the real problem is when i touch anything metal on the guitar. it starts to hum big time. I compared it to the hum of my strat and its the same, if not slightly worse. im thinking it could have something to do with grounding issues. so i opened it up to have a look, but i couldnt find anything that looked like a grounding wire.
i what do you think? its still under warranty, but id like to think i dont have to go down that track. any suggestions are appreciated. thanks
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definetly grounding problem
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Yeah sounds like a grounding problem. Open up the cavity and see if any contacts are loose. Or maybe you started playing in another room which hasn't got grounding on the wall plug? But in that case the hum would be less when you'd touch the guitar...
try a different guitar cable.

if you've ever hand tightened the output jack, then you'll need to look at that too.

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