hey guys

we have been working on this one for about 2 months and i think its really turning into somthing good. we're putting it on our album with is based on a concept which is Time. no lyrics for it yet just music. id appreiciate any feedback negitive or positive and any section of the song.

C4C as always

shifting sands.zip
Sounds like a candidate for the first track of the album.

Some thoughts as I listen:
Intro was very good. My only complaint is that it starts to get a little old around the mid 20s so maybe shorten it or have the synths come in and add more

Still sounds good as I listen to the verse. I can see how this song fits in with the "time" theme of the album.

Bars 78 - 82 needs something. The bass/guitar/drum combo is getting repetitive right about here.

The change up at 87 is creepy. I like it.

For the rhythm that starts at 96, instead of having a 4, 4, 2 power chord for a full 2 measures you should lower the second measure to a deeper chord that fits the progression. My ears tell me they want to hear you go a little lower.

Im lovin the harmony created at 104... Starts getting old at about 120 though. Again, using the same riff for that many measures gets boring after a while. Try adding other tracks.

All in all, I feel that it is a very good frame for an even better song. Try adding more to the riffs that last for more than 12 measures. 7/10

I think 'detatched' is better than 'disatached.'

I've not the time to comment the song now...
I definitely like the intro, sounds like a black metal pink floyd. the chord progressions throughout the song are weird and unnexpected, which is pretty neat and kept me wanting to listen.

The only real complaint I have is around measure 51 or so. The bass triplets really really clutter everything up, and not in a good way. That's really the only thing that I didn't enjoy about the song.

good job.