hello every1
this is me playing the solo to "dream theater"'s fatal tragedy song.
please give me tips on what needs to be perfected in this video of mine, and please give exact timings that would be appreciated

it would be very nice of you guys to help a fellow guitar player out
thank you so much!

(i dont mind how harsh your constructive critisizm is, i just need the opinion of fellow guitar players around the world )

thank you all,

here is the video:

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Damn you really seem like a nice guy. So im not gonna flame you. But get your ass to the ad forum you meistro you.... :p
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u did this last night twice

no, actually the first one was just to show it. the second one was because everyone was saying tht it sucked, so i deleted the posts of the first one and changed the title. t his one is in a totally different context.

btw this is not ad, it says in the rules that you can give links to any places like youtube or myspace which are to do with guitar playing.