If you could cure every disease overnight, just like that, preventing suffering, death, bereavement and a LOT of pain around the world, would you? Bearing in mind that the world is already over-populated, and disease is one of the few brakes we have on growth (God, that sounded awful )


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Only if everyone in the world gave me £17.50, no borrowing off others either, has to be your £17.50
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Yeah, I would. I know it stops over-population and stuff like that, but people don't deserve to see loved ones die week in, week out.
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hell yea. With all the money saved off medical research etc we could populate the moon or mars or whatever. It'd be cool.

+ it would be fun to piss off god (if he existed) seeing as thats his job but the douchebag is too lazy to do it himself.
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No. I don't know why, but people have to die somehow. See, if everyone were healthy and such, and no-one died, we'd have more than 66 billion people..
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One of the big problems with over population is that it enables diseases like TB to spread, but since in this situation I (not you) have cured all of these problems then that is one less problem to worry about.

Plus the more overcrowdedness (i made it up) occures, the more chance of hover buildings/cars/shoes/sunglasses being made. WIN 4 EVERYBODY!!

But in all seriously i would not. Could you IMAGINE the connection problems that could happen with billions and billions of people trying to get onto the internet...not worth it tbh.
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Well, I probably would, but with one stipulation, we'd first have to find a way to populate other planets, or make them habitable, because if we didn't, there'd be no room on earth for everyone.

Plus, new diseases come about every day, and viruses evolve constantly, so... does the cure evolve too?
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It's a hard question.
Imagine finishing medical school and then this happens, lol.
I would, but mainly to put focus on other cool stuff, like the universe ect.
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Only if everyone in the world gave me £17.50, no borrowing off others either, has to be your £17.50

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no i wouldn't, people are suffering as it is because of overpopulation, natural selection is there for a reason. Even if I'd, let's say, cured cancer, I'd demonstrate it works, to show it's possible, but after that I'd destroy the only samples and the instructions. I could not live knowing that I helped hundreds of thousands people stay alive, but at the cost of killing humanity sooner.
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I would sell my research for a billion dollars per word, then using the money I would by a crack team of mercenaries, engineers, porn stars and a rocket ship with weapons. I would go into orbit in my rocket and nuke the planet bare. Come down after some time and repopulate the planet and rebuild.