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In what order to you run effects? Would you put a wah before or after an overdrive/distortion? Or how about volume pedals? I guess after... and I guess it has to do with preference...

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You're right, it is all preference. If you have some spare time I'd recommend moving them around yourself and seeing what sounds best to your ears.
all preference, like nerd said.

although, the assumed preference is


for a simple order breakdown. if you have an effects loop, try putting the modulation effects in said loop, but overall just experiment around.

addendum: i've seen volume pedals EVERYWHERE on boards, so there is no real accepted place in the order they go in as far as i know. try experiment around with the volume pedal, specifically in relation to the OD/disto.
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im using guitar->wah->drive->amp and it sounds good to me but it might not be the best with other pedals
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yeah its all preference, but in general this would be the best:


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