I have been teaching guitar, bass, and saxophone in Exeter, NH for about ten years. I am always looking for well organized sample lesson plans and innovative ideas for teaching the subject at hand. I recently managed to post all of my lesson plans online to share with others. They can be found at this link:
If anyone is willing to share their lesson plans with me that would be greatly appreciated.

I'm afraid I have nothing to share you don't already have. One of my music schools is putting together a database of popular songs in easy keys, but this takes the biscuit as the best free resource for teachers I have ever seen, by far.

This is actually better than some (most? I haven't looked through it all yet!) resources I have paid for.

Tell me, does it cost you anything to supply these? I wouldn't like to impoverish you was I to recommend them to all and sundry.

Thank you
for your contribution. I plan to use these.
hi im pretty slack at lesson planning , but i tend to vision plans as such ,
6 weeks blocks ,
30 lessons a year ,
lesson length in between 30 -45 minutes .
as a general rule i set about 10 minutes for each task so i would set 3 tasks in a 30 minute lesson and 4 in a 45 minute lesson .
these task fall in to one of 4 areas :
2:language/theory of music
4:aural skills .
I use exam syllabus such as www.rgt.org to set the right level of task for each student .
by covering at least 3 of the 4 areas in each lesson i find it keeps the lessons fresh and the student motivated , i hope this helps you .

best wishes
I was thinking about starting to teach myself, but I don't think I have enough overall guitar-playing experience to do so. Nonetheless, this looks great. I'll check these out if I do teach basic guitar techniques.