Hey guys, im pretty new here, but everyone seems eager to help so i have some questions. First off i have been mainly sticking with Ernie Ball super slinkies for my Peavey Raptor, but i would like to explore the variety of strings out there. I play in standard to drop c and lots of metal. Im looking for a real good rumble from my strings during palm muting and low open notes. Second off, when im playing with distortion on with my boss md-2 pedal, i get a buzz on the front, middle, and back pickups, but when i change it to the "inbeteween" setting for the neck and miidle or middle and bridge pickup there is no really noisey hum like on the others. Why is this, and how can i make them all not hum?Thanks in advance!

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The humming is because raptors have single coil pickups, which means that they pick up electrical signals from the air (I think? Either way, they pick up stuff they aren't supposed to, and they hum). When you put them in between on the selector, you are choosing two coils at once, cancelling out hum. The only way to fix this is by getting pickups known as humbuckers, Which I would say you need for metal. Also, IMO Ernie Balls are awesome strings, but string choice is a personal choice, so watch out for fanboys.
Well, yeah. I'd suggest thicker strings for drop C... 10-52's (like GHS TNT Boomers) Not suggesting them, but I dunno if EB makes a set like that.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
Brand of strings don't make much difference to your sound. I like Ernie Ball 'cos they seem to have less stretch than some other makes.
Humbuckers are called that 'cos they buck the hum. You can get them in single coil size and they do make a good difference to your sound as well as being almost silent in use. That hum, BTW is caused by the AC current of your mains being picked up by the pickups' magnetic field. Humbuckers have twin coils which cancel each-other out.
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Wow, you guys are quick! As far as the strings go, i was looking for some more specific examples i can find at my local music store. Also, what kind of pickups would eliminate the buzz i get, thanks!

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where as its true that raptors come in single coils they also come with a hss config cause i own one proudly
I will have to admit STPfan, i dont know what the hss configuration is. Please explain? Sorry to ask so many questions haha.
You can make them not hum by getting Humbuckers. But this would involve a new pickgaurd, possible routing of your guitar body, and rewiring.

As for strings... I use GHS Boomers 10 - 46 on my Fender Strat.