After reading my thread where i asked about buying a new amp,i am really liking the Peavey Vypyr range.I have one last question though Seeing as though the Vypyr is a modeling amp,is it worth me still using the Zoom 2.1u effects unit that i currently own? Obviously the Vypyr has some awesome sounds but could i still use the Zoom and does it make sense to use it on a modeling amp?Also,does the 30W Vypyr come with USB connection? or is that just on the 75W and up models?

Cheers guys

The peavey has better distortion/amp models. You could just bypass all the modeling and use the Zoom for wah/delay/tuner. The Zoom's wah doesn't sound too good though. I suggest selling the Zoom and getting a separate wah if you need a wah pedal. Nope the Vypyr 30 doesn't have a USB port.

EDIT: The Zoom's sound could be improved using cabinet impulses if you record through the pc.
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Stacking cheap modelers together is generally not a good idea. The Peavey is far better than the Zoom. I second what the guy above said, only I'd discard the zoom altogether and go for a wah/volume if you need one.
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I'd give it a try before getting rid of the Zoom. But if you can sell the Zoom and use the cash to buy the Sampera pedal that will probably be the best option. IIRC no USB recording on the 30.