the poison apples
that fell from the poison trees
indulge and you're doomed
to someday claw at the gates of change
or follow in the footsteps of your creators pain
an impenetrable door, no key easily obtained
accept it gets worse way before it gets even a little better
memories of your lowest ****ing times
better be burned inside your mind
forget where you've been my friend
and i promise you this, you'll be back there again

sometimes i just wanna **** you in the third eye
but like all energy, my faith in you cannot be destroyed

i wanna run away with you
transform those dark eyes back into blue
i wanna taste the life weve always been denied
i wanna kill our fears and be one with you tonight

the wings of youth are not eternal
and if no lessons ever learned
the quicker they'll burn
the faster we'll fall from grace
some love soaking up the sun
others embrace darkness
swearing sadness feels as good as love
either way its all about perspective
ones just easier to achieve
the other riskier and harder to believe
there's depression for shrinks
and there's depression for sharks
and in this recession of love
i can help but sense the lack of heart

time heals all wounds they say
as those with faith slowly decay
gods kill count makes satan look like kennedy
karmas a bitch but she digs those who genuinely care
the few good shall prevail.