Machine Head Inspired
I like it very much
Groove Metal 17 03 09.zip
Chuck Schuldiner 1967-2001
Ronnie James Padavona 1942-2010
Darrell Lance Abbott 1966-2004
Jon Nödtveidt 1975-2006
Per Yngve Ohlin 1969-1991
Øystein Aarseth 1968-1993
Joe Ptaceck 1973-2010
Ace Börje Thomas Forsberg 1966-2004
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The intro riff was kinda to stoppy for my taste. It kinda got on my nerves a bit. I thought the verse one riff sounded like a Sepultura influenced riff and it sounded great. I also liked the drums because it sounded great with the riff. I didn't think that the chorus fit the song to tell you the truth but it is a great chorus tbh. I thought you could use another riff for the bridge because that riff gets very annoying after the first time around tbh. I thought the transition from bridge 1 to verse 2 wasn't great and needs work. Verse 2 was ok but nothing great. I didn't like the interlude for some reason. Interlude 2 on the other hand kicked major machine head ass. I can see the influence there and none to less, it is a great riff. I didn't like the transition from interlude 2 to pre solo. I was expecting more of a impact solo but thats just me. Overall, I think this could be a pretty amazing song with tweaking and work.

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That was a pretty good song overall. Nice pace, good riffing and interesting melodies. Not to fond of the second half of the solo though. It had a great feel but could have been built up to a more interesting climax.
The intro riff, as mentioned in the 2nd post, is kinda "stoppy" but come bar 9 I came to fully appreciate the riff, I think it sounds great w/ the insane double bass you have going on there.

I really like the verse riff, it sounds like a really heavy part if it were to be recorded on actual guitar, I also like what you did w/ the drums for the verse.

My first gripe of this song is the chorus, it does not flow w/ the way the song started. It kinda comes out of nowhere and I think you should come up w/ a diff. chorus, just my thoughts on it.

Verse 2 is an ok riff, its good to see that you did an alternative riff (expanded on the original) instead of reusing it, but the end result is a very lackluster riff (verse 2).

The Interlude was quite a surprise, I liked it but once again does it flow w/ the song? I can't really tell, it sounds good though so def. keep it.

Interlude 2 sounds like a carbon copy of a Lamb of God song from their album Wrath, not a big fan of that riff but it works so keep it.

The Pre Solo was good and serves its purpose, I also enjoyed the solo (both of them), great job!

Overall a good song w/ a lot of potential, I can't call/define this as a thrash song, but its def. a groove metal kind of song.

7.5/10, keep up the good work!

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