Hey all, I want to buy a laptop/notebook. I am willing to spend up to $400 for it, and could include an EMG81&EMG85 pickup w/ wiring clips/harnesses as part of the deal too if you want more than $400. I only have a few hard requirements for it, so here it goes:

-I need it to run Windows Vista
-You MUST have the Vista recovery/install disk, ZERO exceptions as I need this to format it, I'm sorry.
-It must currently function

That's it really. I would REALLY prefer a Sony Vaio or a Gateway of some kind as I've had good luck with their products in the past, but will consider a Dell or Toshiba as well. I do not care if it is a refurb as long as it was done by the factory/original manufacturer. CONUS, thanks.
I need to clarify real fast: I mean function as in all the hardware is good and working.
Mods lock this thread, I bought one this weekend. Thanks for the offers all.